Computrainer Courses

With our new CompuTrainer multi-rider system, you can take your training to a whole new level. The software allows five people to all ride a course together and see their individual data.

Some of the benefits of training with the multi-rider software include:

  • You can pick from hundreds of courses with varying difficulties, including World and National Championship courses from both road cycling and triathlon.
  • You can create a specific workout and be confident that you are riding at the intended intensity.
  • You can see your power numbers and easily track fitness changes.
  • You can ride a race course prior to race-day and be better prepared for that particular course’s demands, thus giving you an edge over your competition.
  • You can challenge yourself as you have fun racing your friends.

The CompuTrainer multi-rider system is located in the Zoom Performance lab at the Healthy Living Center. You can come in during one of our scheduled class times for a coach-led workout or you may schedule a different, more convenient time to come in with a coach who will help you get started on your desired workout. This is a great opportunity for a team or group of friends to get together and all do the same workout at the same time.

Weekly Classes:

  • Determined by 8-week sessions. Contact coaches for next available 8-week session.
8-week class 1x per week: $125
Flat rate of $35/hour for an individual or group scheduling a different time to come in with a coach. 2-5 people may take advantage of this price.
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