Spin Scan

To reach your full potential as an athlete, you must consider a variety of different aspects of your training. One of the most commonly overlooked pieces in cycling is that of pedaling efficiency. Zoom Performance has the ability to test this by using the comprehensive SpinScan™ Pedal Stroke Analyzer by CompuTrainer.

This feature allows you to analyze your pedal stroke so that you can increase power and efficiency. You can view a torque graph that represents one full pedal stroke (360°) divided into 15° segments. Power for the right and left leg are also displayed. This allows you to identify “dead” spots in your pedal stroke where your efficiency is lacking. Watching the graph of your pedal stroke simultaneously while you pedal gives you instantaneous feedback.










A certified coach will analyze your pedaling technique and give recommendations of specific drills to increase efficiency. It often takes a significant amount of time and dedicated practice to see a difference in your pedaling efficiency. However, you can teach yourself a new pedal stroke that will eventually become natural and lead a faster you!
Testing Descriptions

You will perform a SpinScan™ test and be given detailed analysis about the efficiency of your pedal stroke. General drills and workouts will be given in order to help you eliminate dead spots and improve efficiency. It is recommended that you retest every two to four months in order to track progress in your pedaling technique.

COST: $65 per session