Ala Carte Services

Just Need a One Time Tune-Up?  (Skype or in person)

Nutrition Tune-Up is a one-time consultation for those seeking assistance with their daily eating program and competition-day planning. Whether it is fine-tuning your nutrition to ensure good immune and cardiovascular health or overcoming a weight-loss plateau, this service includes a customized eating program based on past medical health history, fitness level and future nutrition goals. Competition-day nutrition is also included in this assessment.

  • 45 minutes: $50
  • 60 minutes: $65
  • 90 minutes: $90

Need More than a One Time Visit w/ Recipe Ideas and Nutrition Tracking?  (Skype or in-person)

  • New Client Fee: $125
  • 1 initial visit (45 to 60 minutes)
  • One follow-up visit (20-30 minutes)

This consult comes complete with the dietitian reviewing your nutrition tracking, progress and meal planning ideas or recipe suggestions. It’s great for those needing to lighten up a bit before race season or even during race season if you’re feeling a need or a lift.


Rejuvenate (60 minutes): $55

Consult with the dietitian in which she recommends what fits with your lifestyle and activity level while assessing goals and personal health and well-being.

Personalized metabolic efficiency test interpretation (45-60 minutes): $60

Metabolic efficiency test interpretation is a one-time consultation for those who do not have their test performed by Zoom Performance but would like Jenny to provide expert analysis and interpretation of it. Jenny will take the raw data from your test and work with you and your coach on a personalized exercise and nutrition prescription.

Perform! Race Day Performance Nutrition and Hydration Plans (60-75 minutes): $75

Discuss your race day nutrition and hydration. A follow up confirmation of your plan will be given to you post-consultation.

Grocer & Farmer’s Market Tours (60-75 minutes): $75

An easy and informative guided tour of how to shop and prepare simple meals and snacks.

Corporate, School and College Health and Wellness Talks: contact Jenny for pricing

  • My “Best 10” Beauty and Nutrition Anti-Aging Secrets
  • Eating Clean, Easy & Local
  • Recovery Nutrition and Hydration Strategies
  • Parent’s Guide to Feeding Your Busy Athlete
  • Eat Empowered! 7 Tools to Lose Weight and Lose Your Stress for Good



Here is a sampling of the benefits you may receive from our nutrition coaching:

  • Stable blood sugar and energy levels during your day and during training
  • Optimized nutrition to support improved health, healthy body weight and improved body composition
  • Nutrition models to follow throughout the base, build, taper, and competition periods to support your energy needs
  • Improvement in your body’s ability to utilize fatty acids for fuel
  • Decreased risk of gastrointestinal distress (vomiting, bloating, cramping, diarrhea) during training and racing
  • No over- or under- hydrating during training and racing, less risk of cramping
  • Trusted, expert advice on healthy and safe ways to enhance your training, performance, and recovery…from a sports dietitian who is an athlete