Meet the Coach: Justin Herrick

Meet the Coach: Justin Herrick

Want to learn more about the Zoom Performance team of coaches? We will be highlighting one coach at a time, giving you the opportunity to learn what makes them tick, how they came to join the team, and their best advice to athletes!

Next up, is Coach Justin. We asked him to share a little about himself. We hope you enjoy this little look behind the scenes!

  • Name: Justin Herrick
  • Hometown: Charles City, IA
  • Family: Danna Herrick (spouse), Hawi (Goldendoodle)
  • High School: Charles City High School
  • College: Wartburg College, Morningside College, Drake University
  • Degree: BA-English, MAT-Education, PhD (in progress)
  • Athletic background: HS-basketball, baseball, football, track; College-Football
  • Years coaching: 10 (7yrs junior elite triathlon, 4yrs Zoom Performance)
  • Coaching or related certifications: USAT Level 1, HS Coaching Endorsement
  • Areas of specialty or expertise: Triathlon
  • How did you get into coaching: I wanted to better myself as a triathlete and understand the sport to compete at a high level.
  • Activities outside of training/coaching: Fishing, hunting, and traveling
  • Favorite memory from coaching: Seeing athletes finish their first Ironman is always an emotional moment after the years and/or months of hard work.
  • Favorite memory from racing: Finishing top 10 amateur American at Kona in 2015 is on my all-time list, especially after getting hit by a car and breaking my collarbone 8wks prior.
  • First job or strangest job you’ve ever had: Basket boy at my local swimming pool. I thought I hit the jackpot making $4.25/hr as a 15-year-old.
  • Most embarrassing moment from a race: Prior to the start, I clipped in my shoes on the wrong side. When I jumped on the bike, I immediately flipped over my handlebars when my cranks wouldn’t rotate because of the shoes!
  • Favorite piece of gear/training equipment: Running Shoes…they’re simple, easy to pack, and you can’t get a flat tire or mechanical.
  • Best/worst advice you’ve been given: Patience. We live in a world that is all about the ‘instant,’ whether that is for results, information, or wants. Sometimes the reward is worth the wait.
  • One piece of advice you give to every athlete: There’s no secret workout or secret sauce. It’s just consistency over a long period of time. It’s not sexy, but success comes from grit and hard work. Simple.
  • Favorite race you’ve ever done (current or past) or one on your bucket list: So far Kona, but I’m hoping to race Dirty Kanza someday.
  • Favorite place to train: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Any other interesting facts or things you’d like people to know about you: My wife and I moved to Michigan for 4 years so she could run professionally and are now in the process of coming back to Des Moines!