Meet the Coach: Summer Rehkemper

Meet the Coach: Summer Rehkemper

Want to learn more about the Zoom Performance team of coaches? We will be highlighting one coach at a time, giving you the opportunity to learn what makes them tick, how they came to join the team, and their best advice to athletes!

First up, is Coach Summer. We asked her to share a little about herself. We hope you enjoy this little look behind the scenes!

  • Name: Summer Rehkemper 
  • Hometown: Indianola, Iowa; currently live in Urbandale 
  • Husband: Bobby
  • Boys: Drake (15) and Blake (7)
  • High School: Indianola 
  • College: Drake University 
  • Degree: Elementary Education 
  • Athletic background: 
  • High school: track, cross country, basketball
  • College: track, cross country 
  • Years coaching: Coached high school athletes for 4 years; I’ve been coaching with Zoom Performance for 4 years 
  • Coaching or related certifications: USAT, USATF official, high school coaching endorsement
  • Areas of specialty or expertise: Running 
  • How did you get into coaching: When I was getting my teaching degree I knew I also wanted to coach, so I got my coaching endorsement 
  • Activities outside of training/coaching: I am 100% hockey mom
  • Favorite memory from coaching: Anytime an athlete finishes and they accomplish their goals – just the excitement it is so much fun to be a part of
  • Favorite memory from racing: My favorite memory from racing is racing Worlds in Chicago and having my parents and Bobby and our boys all there.
  • First job or strangest job you’ve ever had: I worked at Drug Town.
  • Most embarrassing moment from a race (for yourself or one you witnessed): I flipped over my handlebars at the bike dismount (coming in hot!)!
  • Favorite piece of gear/training equipment: Love my Garmin watch
  • Best/worst advice you’ve been given:  Live in the moment. 
  • One piece of advice you would give to every athlete: Have Fun!  You can’t control everything.
  • Favorite race: Worlds in Chicago 
  • Favorite place to train: Hawaii
  • Other sports you’ve played/competed in besides swim/bike/run: Track, cross country, basketball, softball 
  • Stupid human trick you can perform or other unique talent you have: I can rap, Ice Ice Baby!
  • Any other interesting facts or things you’d like people to know about you: I throw up before every race.