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Meet the Coach: Summer Rehkemper

Want to learn more about the Zoom Performance team of coaches? We will be highlighting one coach at a time, giving you the opportunity to learn what makes them tick, how they came to join the team, and their best advice to athletes! First up, is Coach Summer. We asked her to share a little …


Greatest Workout Jam Champion is Crowned


Greatest Workout Jam- Finals!

Aussie rockers AC/DC were taken down to the wire but ultimately earned a division title.  Meanwhile, Black Betty barely broke a sweat. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.  Vote in the finals! [polldaddy poll=9361223]


Case Study — solving tendonitis

Many cyclists have experienced knee issues in one form or another. I can remember having bouts of tendonitis where riding was out of the question for extended periods. The high volume of miles, hours and pedal revs will wildly magnify any imperfections or alignment issues in the pedal stroke causing inflammation and irritation in the …


Meet Coach Antonio Vega

Even though the running bug didn’t bite Antonio Vega until his senior year of high school, his late start into the running scene didn’t keep the University of Minnesota graduate from grabbing All-American honors while there and then going on to become a National Champion in 2010. In 2012, Antonio joined forces with Zoom Performance …


Meet Coach Alex Libin

Getting things done and doing them well is no new concept to recent college graduate, professional triathlete, and Zoom Performance coach Alex Libin. Though he is a new transplant to the Colorado Springs area, this Des Moines native is making waves in the triathlon pro ranks in just his first year as a professional. We sat …


Meet Coach Andrew Carlson

Though new to Zoom Performance, Andrew Carlson is not new to the national running scene. A high school state champion, three-time All-American at the University of Minnesota, two-time USA National Champion, and current Team USA Minnesota runner, no one can argue with his resume. Besides his passion for going fast, Coach Andrew has the educational …