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Strength Training for Endurance Sports

Strength training is a component of fitness often overlooked by endurance athletes. The excuse often heard is, “I’ve got limited time to train and don’t want to take time away from my sport.” The irony is that by incorporating strength training into your training program, you can make big gains in your desired specific sport, …


Top 5 Strength Movements for Endurance Athletes

The relationship between strength and performance is well-documented, but for endurance athletes focused on performance that relationship represents a balancing act.   The trick is to incite muscle gains while also maintaining range of motion and retaining flexibility. This means focusing simultaneously on the “how” as well as the “what”.  By doing the right exercises in …


Strength Training: Your Secret Weapon for Peak Performance

Endurance athletes are creatures of habit.  Most began training because they love the core discipline of their craft, therefore their workout routines are very much… routine.  Their favored fitness pursuits include a long ride, breaking a sweat on a run or the solitude of a lap pool. While these athletes can understand how strength training might help them …


Optimize Your Training with Metrics & Testing

For many casual endurance athletes, assessing performance and tracking metrics begins and ends with a training journal.  Athletes diligently chart training mileage along with their performance on race day, using the limited data set to tweak their recipe and improve. While this approach can be effective for moderate gains, the science of training has much …


Move Better, Perform Better: An Introduction to Mobility Training

What if I told you that you could simultaneously improve your performance and reduce your risk of injury in as little as 20 minutes a day? You’d probably think that I was going to try to sell you a shake weight. But alas, I’m only going to attempt to sell you on something that you …


Case Study — solving tendonitis

Many cyclists have experienced knee issues in one form or another. I can remember having bouts of tendonitis where riding was out of the question for extended periods. The high volume of miles, hours and pedal revs will wildly magnify any imperfections or alignment issues in the pedal stroke causing inflammation and irritation in the …


The Benefits Of Resting

Ever since my race in Mexico I have been struggling to get things going again. I was a little sick going into the race and then really sick coming out of it, some kind of mucous-cold thing or maybe allergies, I don’t know. So after the race I took a week relatively easy to let my …


Strength Training: Three Reasons to Hit the Gym

Strength Training: Three Reasons to Hit the Gym Endurance athletes already deal with a full training schedule in addition to their professional, personal, and home lives. When it comes to adding strength training sessions to the mix, many athletes feel their time is better spent with swim/bike/run than in the gym. Let’s look at why …