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The Resolution Lie: Why 92% of New Year’s Goals Fail

Despite the best of intentions, only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are successful.  Even more shocking, 25% will fail within the first week.  A look at some common causes for failure can be key to setting realistic goals for your New Year. Takeaways: More Americans will make New Year’s resolutions than watch the Super Bowl …


Attack Your Offseason: Why a Functional Movement Screen is Job 1

Throughout a long season and career, endurance athletes put an incredible amount of stress on their muscles, joints and soft tissue.  While the movements required for a given sport are similar between competitors, how a specific athlete handles the load can differ greatly. Understanding how your unique body moves and adapting your approach can be …


Holidays 2016: 20 Gift Ideas for Endurance Athletes

Shopping for an endurance athlete can be challenging.  This is because the same people who take their training seriously also take their gear seriously. If this sounds familiar and you’d like to avoid another year of feigned gratitude and post-holiday returns, we are here to help.  Our holiday gift guide will set you on the right track. Specialized Socks Can …