Case Study — solving tendonitis

Many cyclists have experienced knee issues in one form or another. I can remember having bouts of tendonitis where riding was out of the question for extended periods. The high volume of miles, hours and pedal revs will wildly magnify any imperfections or alignment issues in the pedal stroke causing inflammation and irritation in the …


2014 Tour de France Stage 14

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Racing and Training Nutrition

I was out riding with one of my clients recently on a long-ish ride. We were both pulling out our food items and I noticed he had home made banana bread and I had a sweet/salty granola bar. Believe it or not, I was happy to see that he was eating something other than traditional …


Training for Cyclocross

Training for Cyclocross If road racing is a fringe sport in America, cyclocross is the red-headed stepchild of bike racing. It requires some varied talents and it favors hard men. While I never would advocate skimping on training, there are ways to make cyclocross a little smoother while you are building your fitness. One of the larger challenges …


Recovery: The "Easy" Part of Training

As you head into the heart of the racing season, your body will start to accumulate fatigue which can influence your performance in negative ways. Here are few tips for maximizing your recovery from day-to-day and week-to-week.   Get adequate rest. This means sleeping at night and interspersing your training with appropriate rest days. Too many days in …