Optimized Recovery in Multi-Day Cycling Events

One of the unique elements of bike racing is that we have multi­day events. Stage races ask you to ride day after day and the stresses can add up as you move through time. There are some simple things you can add to your routine to optimize your recovery from day to day. Put on …


Meet Coach Antonio Vega

Even though the running bug didn’t bite Antonio Vega until his senior year of high school, his late start into the running scene didn’t keep the University of Minnesota graduate from grabbing All-American honors while there and then going on to become a National Champion in 2010. In 2012, Antonio joined forces with Zoom Performance …


Meet Coach Alex Libin

Getting things done and doing them well is no new concept to recent college graduate, professional triathlete, and Zoom Performance coach Alex Libin. Though he is a new transplant to the Colorado Springs area, this Des Moines native is making waves in the triathlon pro ranks in just his first year as a professional. We sat …


Meet Coach Andrew Carlson

Though new to Zoom Performance, Andrew Carlson is not new to the national running scene. A high school state champion, three-time All-American at the University of Minnesota, two-time USA National Champion, and current Team USA Minnesota runner, no one can argue with his resume. Besides his passion for going fast, Coach Andrew has the educational …


Expect Epic Results from an Epic Training Experience

Expect Epic Results from an Epic Training Experience Most triathletes are familiar with the idea of a destination race, but what about destination training?  The destination training “spring season” for 2013 may be wrapping up, but maybe it’s something you will want to consider for early summer 2013, or spring 2014.  Here are some advantages …


Spring Speed!

Spring Speed! Looking to have a break out racing season or trying to figure out the best way to improve your marathon PR?  A lot of the time, athletes get to comfortable in training for longer distance road races.  There seems to be a tendency to stray away from the shorter races with fear of …


Strength Training: Three Reasons to Hit the Gym

Strength Training: Three Reasons to Hit the Gym Endurance athletes already deal with a full training schedule in addition to their professional, personal, and home lives. When it comes to adding strength training sessions to the mix, many athletes feel their time is better spent with swim/bike/run than in the gym. Let’s look at why …

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