Zoom Performance Partners with Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series

Zoom Performance is excited to announce a new partnership with the Iowa Mountain Bike Championship Series (IMBCS) for 2016! We’re joining forces with the organizers of the mountain bike racing scene in Iowa to help open the door to those who want to try the sport for the first time, as well as support racers …


Goal Setting, Part One: Why is Setting Goals So Important?

Too many of us wake up each morning, go through the motions day after day, waiting for the day when suddenly our dreams will come true: “Someday I’m going to get in shape.” “I’d love to be able to do a pull-up.” “I’m going to be paying on this student loan until I die.” While …


Ready to Try a Tri?

Ready to Try a Tri? Last year you were a spectator along the course, cheering your friend, brother, co-worker to the finish. Your emotions waffled between awe and envy, and even thoughts of, “Oh, I could never do that!” The racers were of every weight, age, and size imaginable. And yet, watching them, one idea …