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The Benefits Of Resting

Ever since my race in Mexico I have been struggling to get things going again. I was a little sick going into the race and then really sick coming out of it, some kind of mucous-cold thing or maybe allergies, I don’t know. So after the race I took a week relatively easy to let my …


Racing and Training Nutrition

I was out riding with one of my clients recently on a long-ish ride. We were both pulling out our food items and I noticed he had home made banana bread and I had a sweet/salty granola bar. Believe it or not, I was happy to see that he was eating something other than traditional …


Spring Speed!

Spring Speed! Looking to have a break out racing season or trying to figure out the best way to improve your marathon PR?  A lot of the time, athletes get to comfortable in training for longer distance road races.  There seems to be a tendency to stray away from the shorter races with fear of …

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